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You can achieve insight and change

Whether you're dealing with a specific challenging situation or seeking deep insight, I would be pleased to work with you toward your goals.


You can expect careful attention and listening, as well as reflection on our real-time experience. We'll sort through feelings, behaviors, and thoughts that are interfering with your happiness.  


You can work to reduce hassles, conflicts, and pain. You can make the most of your strengths while making the changes you want.


  • Better understand yourself, your goals, and your values

  • Develop skills for improving your relationships

  • Resolve or grapple with specific issues or concerns

  • Learn new ways to cope with stress, anxiety, depression, anger, grief, and other pressures

  • Improve communications

  • Change patterns that aren't working for you

  • Develop new ways to interact and solve problems

  • Improve your self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Become more yourself

So what would you like to do?


What we talk about is private and confidential, except if you disclose child abuse, vulnerable adult abuse, risk of harm to yourself or someone else, or if the court orders it. In those cases, I am legally required to report.


Professional collaboration is very productive, and I am happy to communicate with your other providers (doctor, psychiatrist, previous therapist) after you and I have discussed it and you have signed a written release form. I will not contact them without your express consent.


To learn more about privacy, please read the Treatment Agreement form in the Services tab. 

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